If you are looking to improve the relationships in your practice or in your personal life, want help with your public image, or need a speaker for your next event, Practice Therapy has a service to fit your needs. Message us to begin your journey towards a better culture, a better practice, and a better you. We are here to help.
Personal Life Coaching

Dr. Grobmyer's unique background in coaching and counseling give him a specific set of tools to help tackle the difficulties faced by healthcare practitioners today. He can help guide you through difficult times and difficult decisions, or just help you reach your goals and become the best you that you can be. Most personal coaching can be done from your own home or office by phone or computer, and every discussion is completely confidential and judgment-free. 

Freelance Writing

Dr. Grobmyer has had content and articles featured in numerous regional and national publications. He would love the opportunity to provide your organization with articles on a myriad of topics, with special consideration to topics in Dentistry, mental health, and wellness. For examples of his writing, see the Blog link at the top of this webpage.


Practice Coaching

The practice coaching offered by Practice Therapy is specialized in that we focus on team cohesiveness, communication skills, leadership skills, and practice culture. We feel that a great culture and energy in an office does more to help the productivity of the office than any other factor. That said, we are happy to advise on the other aspects of practice management that we feel may help once we have done a thorough analysis of the practice.

Media and Branding

Practice Therapy is proud to offer media and branding services. This may include website building or maintenance, photography and videography services, branding and promotions, or social media management. Contact us with what your specific needs are and we will customize a package just for you and your office.

Event Speaking

Dr. Grobmyer is an effective and engaging speaker. Mixing humor in with powerful motivational or informative talks, he keeps the audience engaged and entertained while learning important new ideas. Please contact us to discuss scheduling, topics, and other pertinent information.

On-Site Visits

Many issues within a practice can be assessed and addressed over the phone or webinar, but let's face it, nothing is more effective than being there in person. We always suggest at least a two day in office at the beginning of any whole practice coaching relationship; one day to examine and diagnose what is going on and another day to meet to set a path for improvement. After that, phone and webinar coaching may be appropriate with in-office visits if needed.

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